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Title: Manifest 1  Price: $1,475.00  Description: Wood wall sculpture, 25.5"Wx50"H, Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak, on reconstituted particle board substrate  Artist: Chris Rutherford

Title: Portal 1 Price: $215.00  Description: 24"Wx16"H giclee print w/frame & mat (29"Wx21"H)  Artist: Chris Rutherford

Title: Portal 2 Price: $235.00  Description: 33"Wx11"H giclee print w/frame & mat (37.5"Wx15.5"H)  Artist: Chris Rutherford 

Title: Portal 3 Price: $95.00  Description: 5"Wx7"H giclee print w/frame & mat (10.5"Wx22.5"H)  Artist: Chris Rutherford

Title: Lover's Body Price: $535.00  Description: 30" Wx64"H print over canvas w/frame (34.5"Wx68.5"H)  Artist: Chris Rutherford 

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For additional print sizes and custom framing, visit the Chris Rutherford gallery at American Frame, by following this link:

Chris Rutherford gallery at American Frame

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